As most karaoke afficionados can attest to, the quality of a show is twofold. Both the presentation of the performance and the professionalism of the host can mean the difference between having a loyal audience or staring into an empty room. With so many options out there, if you're not enjoying yourself, there are plenty of other shows to attend.

MISTER KARAOKE offers certain features to not only keep a show fair and equitable to everyone participating, but also takes steps to use modern technology to avoid wasting paper - therefore reducing our carbon footprint.
Some of the in-show features are:

  • "TXT-2-SNG" capabilities from your smartphone allow you to communicate your song choice directly to the host - saving time and paper!
  • online music library with email form option for song selection
  • complete corporate or business branding on public display monitors to highlight your location
  • full on-screen rotation display with colour coded "new singer" indication
  • standalone dynamic library laptop for quick song search and "Send2Host" functionality

See the difference for yourself - we know you'll appreciate these in-show features!

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MISTER KARAOKE recognizes that the needs of every show are different. Some venue owners have an entire in-house A/V system, while others have little more than a performance area to work with.

Whatever your needs may be, we can work with you to seamlessly integrate our equipment infrastructure into your pre-exsisting setup, or we can provide a full-fidelity stand alone presentation. Rest assured, you're in professional hands with us!

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Sometimes, groups or businesses don't want to trek out to a bar in order to hold their company party. If an in-house soiree is on the books, MISTER KARAOKE is on the job and will provide you and your guests with a completely customized show experience - complete with corporate branding, personal interaction and the ability to play any media you wish to use at your event.

Weddings, birthdays, personal milestones, whatever the occasion - Contact us to see what we can do to make your event extra special!

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In addition to regularly investing into the expansion of the already substantial music library, MISTER KARAOKE is a proud registered licensee of both the Sound Choice GEM collection as well as the HELP program - in order to thwart the detriment of digital piracy and ensure that all music creators are fairly compensated.

Sound Choice has been an industry leader since its inception in 1985 and karaoke audiences have come to trust them for the superb quality of the instrumental and lyric tracks which they produce. click here to view license information

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MISTER KARAOKE isn't just for grown ups. Kids young and old love to sing and we encourage fostering budding talent and letting everyone showcase their inner star! If you're planning a family-friendly event, we can tailor our services to give you the best experience for your little ones and provide you with a custom library to remove as much inappropriate content as possible. Good clean fun is the name of the game!

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Although MISTER KARAOKE primarily operates out of the Greater Toronto Area, we are fully mobile and able to travel to you to provide our services. Contact us to discuss travel details and associated costs.

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We understand that everyone's bottom line is different and no one wants to lose out because of budgetary concerns. Certain groups or charities qualify for a reduced rate for our show services.

Contact us to see what we can do for you to provide you with a quality show that's still friendly to your wallet!

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MISTER KARAOKE: Transforming everyday people into brilliant performers - one song at a time!


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